The majority of birds rely on insects for at least part of their diets. Insectivorous birds can get most of their water needs from their prey.

American Crow

scavenging dead fish

American Crow h02-4-283.jpg
American Crow      Corvus brachyrhynchos
USA; California, San Francisco

Black Vulture

scavenging carcass of dead Raccoon

Black Vulture m17-43-043.jpg
Black Vulture      Coragyps atratus
USA; Florida, Everglades National Park, Monroe Co.

Black Vulture

foraging on dead sea-turtle, bill in eye socket

Black Vulture s68-1-032.jpg
Black Vulture      Coragyps atratus

Black Vulture

eating dead alligator

Black Vulture w02-43-006.jpg
Black Vulture      Coragyps atratus
USA; Florida, Everglades National Park, Monroe Co.

Common Raven

four individuals on dead cow

Common Raven t08-6-035.jpg
Common Raven      Corvus corax

Fish Crow

next to large dead fish

Fish Crow m17-53-073.jpg
Fish Crow      Corvus ossifragus
USA; Florida, Merritt Is. NWR, Brevard Co.

Golden Eagle

2 fighting over dead deer; 1 flying toward deer, one standing on it

Golden Eagle t08-15-232.jpg
Golden Eagle      Aquila chrysaetos

Griffon Vulture

3 adults at dead deer

Griffon Vulture c26-16-020.jpg
Griffon Vulture      Gyps fulvus

Himalayan Vulture

two vultures feeding on a dead cow

Himalayan Vulture h46-5-040.jpg
Himalayan Vulture      Gyps himalayensis
China, Yunnan, Napahai

Hooded Vulture

at dead steer

Hooded Vulture c13-8-023.jpg
Hooded Vulture      Necrosyrtes monachus

Lappet-faced Vulture

feeding on dead Zebra

Lappet-faced Vulture m47-11-048.jpg
Lappet-faced Vulture      Torgos tracheliotus

Ruppell's Vulture

on dead Hippo in river

Ruppell's Vulture s45-12-004.jpg
Ruppell's Vulture      Gyps rueppellii
Kenya, Masai Mara National Reserve

Slaty-backed Gull

four gulls on dead whale, with 25 Northern Fulmars

Slaty-backed Gull a24-1-155.jpg
Slaty-backed Gull      Larus schistisagus
Russia, Bering Sea

Snowy Sheathbill

feeding on dead bird

Snowy Sheathbill l07-26-036.jpg
Snowy Sheathbill      Chionis alba
Falkland Is., Bleaker Is.

South Polar Skua

eating dead Emperor Penguin

South Polar Skua s66-1-317.jpg
South Polar Skua      Stercorarius maccormicki

Southern Giant-Petrel

eating carrion

Southern Giant-Petrel l07-31-012.jpg
Southern Giant-Petrel      Macronectes giganteus
South Shetland Island, Hannah Point, Livingston Is.

Southern Giant-Petrel

with dead penguin

Southern Giant-Petrel m47-14-094.jpg
Southern Giant-Petrel      Macronectes giganteus

Striated Caracara

eating dead Gentoo Penguin

Striated Caracara s66-1-274.jpg
Striated Caracara      Phalcoboenus australis
Falkland Is., Falkland Islands

Turkey Vulture

eating dead fish

Turkey Vulture m17-22-062.jpg
Turkey Vulture      Cathartes aura

Yellow-footed Gull

first basic (winter) plumage, scavenging dead fish

Yellow-footed Gull m54-2-092.jpg
Yellow-footed Gull      Larus livens
Mexico; Baja Sur, La Paz Ceryle rudis Republic of South Africa, Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga Prov.

Pigeon Guillemot

Flying over water with fish in its mouth

Pigeon Guillemot b57-10-125.jpg
Pigeon Guillemot      Cepphus columba
Canada; British Columbia, Victoria

Red-throated Loon

Adult with fish

Red-throated Loon p25-7-117.jpg
Red-throated Loon      Gavia stellata
Finland, Vaala

Ruddy Turnstone

feeding on fish head

Ruddy Turnstone c22-36-282.jpg
Ruddy Turnstone      Arenaria interpres
USA; Texas, High Island

Snowy Egret

baitfish in bill

Snowy Egret m17-70-644.jpg
Snowy Egret      Egretta thula
USA; Florida, Sanibel Island, Lee Co.

Tufted Puffin

head-shot, beak full of fish

Tufted Puffin m17-63-204.jpg
Tufted Puffin      Fratercula cirrhata
USA; Alaska, St. Paul Is, Pribilof Islands

Turkey Vulture

with fish

Turkey Vulture m17-66-127.jpg
Turkey Vulture      Cathartes aura
USA; Florida, Fort Myers, Lee Co.

Western Reef-Heron

with brown eel catfish, Plotusus limbatus in bill

Western Reef-Heron e05-18-080.jpg
Western Reef-Heron      Egretta gularis
Oman, Dhofar