The majority of birds rely on insects for at least part of their diets. Insectivorous birds can get most of their water needs from their prey.

Acorn Woodpecker

pursuing insect in air (hawking)

Acorn Woodpecker c22-40-208.jpg
Acorn Woodpecker      Melanerpes formicivorus
USA; California, Roseville

American Dipper

insects in bill; by waterfall - stonefly, etc.

American Dipper f20-15-078.jpg
American Dipper      Cinclus mexicanus
USA; California, Sierra Co.

American Kestrel

head-shot, eating green grasshopper

American Kestrel f08-1-021.jpg
American Kestrel      Falco sparverius

Bank Swallow

with food in bill insects

Bank Swallow b57-16-057.jpg
Bank Swallow      Riparia riparia

Black-backed Kingfisher

eating katydid

Black-backed Kingfisher w02-9-076.jpg
Black-backed Kingfisher      Ceyx erithacus
Borneo, Malaysia, Sabah, Crocker Range NP, Melalap

Black-billed Cuckoo

on tent caterpillar nest, Malacosoma

Black-billed Cuckoo l11-3-071.jpg
Black-billed Cuckoo      Coccyzus erythropthalmus
USA; Wisconsin, Columbia Co.

Black-cheeked Woodpecker

insect in beak

Black-cheeked Woodpecker c44-5-026.jpg
Black-cheeked Woodpecker      Melanerpes pucherani
Ecuador, Pichincha, Rancho Suamox

Black Drongo

eating butterfly - Danaus

Black Drongo t21-2-002.jpg
Black Drongo      Dicrurus macrocercus
India, West Bengal, Jalpaiguri

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

butterfly in bill, Vanessa

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater e05-1-360.jpg
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater      Merops persicus
Oman, Hafeet

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

butterfly in bill, Vanessa

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater e05-3-018.jpg
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater      Merops persicus
Oman, Hafeet

Botteri's Sparrow

with caterpillars in beak

Botteri's Sparrow f20-9-146.jpg
Botteri's Sparrow      Aimophila botterii
USA; Arizona, Cochise Co.

Brown Creeper

insect in bill

Brown Creeper s52-13-091.jpg
Brown Creeper      Certhia americana
USA; California, San Bernadino Co.

Brush Cuckoo

eating caterpillar

Brush Cuckoo w02-16-055.jpg
Brush Cuckoo      Cacomantis variolosus
Philippines, Mindanao, Davao City, Baracatan, 1400 m.

Chin-spot Puffback

caterpillar in bill

Chin-spot Puffback g28-2-034.jpg
Chin-spot Puffback      Batis molitor
Kenya, Aberdares National Park

Common Black-Hawk

large insect in bill

Common Black-Hawk w13-15-029.jpg
Common Black-Hawk      Buteogallus anthracinus
Mexico; Nayarit, San Blas

Corn Bunting

grasshoppers in bill

Corn Bunting b52-2-180.jpg
Corn Bunting      Emberiza calandra
Spain, Trujillo, Caceres Plain

Crowned Hornbill

large moth in bill

Crowned Hornbill g28-2-018.jpg
Crowned Hornbill      Tockus alboterminatus
Kenya, Aberdares National Park

Eastern Bluebird

praying mantis in beak

Eastern Bluebird b40-18-008.jpg
Eastern Bluebird      Sialia sialis
USA; New Jersey, Wharton State Forest

Eastern Bluebird

feeding cricket to chick

Eastern Bluebird n09-4-036.jpg
Eastern Bluebird      Sialia sialis
Canada; Quebec, Quebec City

Eastern Bluebird

eating Monarch Butterfly caterpillar

Eastern Bluebird s36-10-025.jpg
Eastern Bluebird      Sialia sialis
USA; Virginia, Shenandoah National Park

Eastern Kingbird

With dragonfly

Eastern Kingbird b53-4-063.jpg
Eastern Kingbird      Tyrannus tyrannus
USA; Washington, Grant County

Eastern Kingbird

with Bumblebee in bill

Eastern Kingbird c22-38-256.jpg
Eastern Kingbird      Tyrannus tyrannus
USA; Illinois, Chicago

Galapagos Mockingbird

insect in bill - moth body

Galapagos Mockingbird m47-17-045.jpg
Galapagos Mockingbird      Nesomimus parvulus

Grasshopper Sparrow

grasshopper in bill, insect

Grasshopper Sparrow b40-22-003.jpg
Grasshopper Sparrow      Ammodramus savannarum
USA; New Jersey, Franklin Township, Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve

Greater Roadrunner

on granite boulder with grasshopper in beak

Greater Roadrunner s80-1-021.jpg
Greater Roadrunner      Geococcyx californianus
USA; California, Anza Borrego Desert State Park,

Green Jay

insect in bill - beetle

Green Jay b57-18-207.jpg
Green Jay      Cyanocorax yncas

Large Cuckooshrike

eating insect, cicada

Large Cuckooshrike s70-5-048.jpg
Large Cuckooshrike      Coracina macei
Malaysia, Fraser's Hill

Lark Bunting

Breeding plumage with prey in bill - grasshoppers

Lark Bunting s52-14-147.jpg
Lark Bunting      Calamospiza melanocorys
USA; Colorado, Weld Co.

Lesser Kestrel

grasshopper in bill

Lesser Kestrel s68-1-066.jpg
Lesser Kestrel      Falco naumanni

Lilac-breasted Roller

with insect in bill, grasshopper

Lilac-breasted Roller m17-73-129.jpg
Lilac-breasted Roller      Coracias caudatus
Kenya, Keekorok Lodge, Maasai Mara

Lilac-breasted Roller

tossing grasshopper to swallow

Lilac-breasted Roller t08-15-130.jpg
Lilac-breasted Roller      Coracias caudatus
Kenya, Masai Mara

Loggerhead Shrike

with dragonfly impaled on barbed wire

Loggerhead Shrike w27-17-007.jpg
Loggerhead Shrike      Lanius ludovicianus
USA; Florida, Venice

Louisiana Waterthrush

caterpillar and crane fly in beak

Louisiana Waterthrush c22-47-050.jpg
Louisiana Waterthrush      Seiurus motacilla
USA; Illinois, Palos Park, McClaughry Springs FP

Magnolia Warbler

perched on a spruce branch, eating caterpillar

Magnolia Warbler b57-10-073.jpg
Magnolia Warbler      Setophaga magnolia
Canada; Ontario, Near Huntsville

Masked Trogon

moth in beak

Masked Trogon b57-19-595.jpg
Masked Trogon      Trogon personatus

Masked Trogon

caterpillar in bill

Masked Trogon b57-21-557.jpg
Masked Trogon      Trogon personatus

Meadow Pipit

summer adult with craneflies and other insects in bill

Meadow Pipit y03-13-031.jpg
Meadow Pipit      Anthus pratensis
United Kingdom; England, Merseyside


carrying prey - dragonfly

Merlin h36-10-021.jpg
Merlin      Falco columbarius
USA; New York, Jones Beach State Park

Montane Woodcreeper

insect in bill - beetle

Montane Woodcreeper b57-18-212.jpg
Montane Woodcreeper      Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger

Mountain Bluebird

with grasshopper for nestlings

Mountain Bluebird n10-18-032.jpg
Mountain Bluebird      Sialia currucoides
Canada; British Columbia, Penticton

Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet

feeding on moth caterpillar

Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet b13-48-032.jpg
Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet      Camptostoma imberbe
USA; Arizona, Patagonia

Northern Wheatear

caterpillar and fritillary butterfly in bill

Northern Wheatear f20-9-463.jpg
Northern Wheatear      Oenanthe oenanthe
USA; Alaska, Seward Peninsula

Palm Warbler

fall plumage with moth in bill

Palm Warbler c22-37-295.jpg
Palm Warbler      Setophaga palmarum
USA; Illinois, Chicago

Pied Water-tyrant

insect prey in beak

Pied Water-tyrant f20-11-517.jpg
Pied Water-tyrant      Fluvicola pica
Venezuela, Hato Pinero

Pine Warbler

red admiral butterfly in beak, Vanessa atalanta

Pine Warbler c22-43-041.jpg
Pine Warbler      Setophaga pinus
USA; Illinois, Montrose Beach, Chicago

Pine Warbler

feeding caterpillar to fledgling

Pine Warbler s82-1-029.jpg
Pine Warbler      Setophaga pinus

Prairie Warbler

perched on branch with caterpillar in bill

Prairie Warbler b57-10-143.jpg
Prairie Warbler      Setophaga discolor
Canada; Ontario, Carden Alvar

Purple Gallinule

caterpillar in bill, insect

Purple Gallinule f20-12-037.jpg
Purple Gallinule      Porphyrio martinicus
USA; Florida, Palm Beach Co.

Red-naped Sapsucker

eating insect - wasp

Red-naped Sapsucker b53-4-025.jpg
Red-naped Sapsucker      Sphyrapicus nuchalis
USA; Washington, Yakima County

Red-winged Blackbird

with katydid

Red-winged Blackbird m17-67-646.jpg
Red-winged Blackbird      Agelaius phoeniceus

Resplendent Quetzal

bringing food to nest, insect

Resplendent Quetzal t08-15-024.jpg
Resplendent Quetzal      Pharomachrus mocinno
Costa Rica, Central Highlands

Rhinoceros Hornbill

landing at nest cavity with insect, orthoptera, katydid?

Rhinoceros Hornbill l21-3-020.jpg
Rhinoceros Hornbill      Buceros rhinoceros
Thailand, Budo Sungai Padi National Park

Rusty Blackbird

with cricket in bill

Rusty Blackbird c22-36-296.jpg
Rusty Blackbird      Euphagus carolinus
USA; Illinois, Chicago

Short-eared Owl

with insect in bill - moth

Short-eared Owl m47-17-061.jpg
Short-eared Owl      Asio flammeus

Sooty Ant-Tanager

eating moth, insect

Sooty Ant-Tanager f26-20-073.jpg
Sooty Ant-Tanager      Habia gutturalis
Colombia, Caldas, Victoria

Summer Tanager

eating insect

Summer Tanager c44-6-083.jpg
Summer Tanager      Piranga rubra
USA; Texas, Falcon Point Ranch

Von Der Decken's Hornbill

insect in bill

Von Der Decken's Hornbill g28-2-087.jpg
Von Der Decken's Hornbill      Tockus deckeni
Kenya, Taita Hills

Wattled Lapwing

grasshopper in bill, insect

Wattled Lapwing m47-16-005.jpg
Wattled Lapwing      Vanellus senegallus

Western Bluebird

female with Jerusalem cricket, Stenopalmatus, in beak

Western Bluebird g31-3-048.jpg
Western Bluebird      Sialia mexicana
USA; California, Santa Barabara

Western Kingbird

with insect in bill

Western Kingbird c22-38-506.jpg
Western Kingbird      Tyrannus verticalis
USA; Colorado, Pawnee National Grassland

Western Wood-Pewee

with fly in bill; insect

Western Wood-Pewee n10-16-025.jpg
Western Wood-Pewee      Contopus sordidulus
Canada; British Columbia, Penticton

White-eared Puffbird

eating grasshopper

White-eared Puffbird w02-36-081.jpg
White-eared Puffbird      Nystalus chacuru
Brazil, Mato Grosso, N. of Jauru

White-fronted Bee-eater

feeding on dragonfly

White-fronted Bee-eater m47-19-044.jpg
White-fronted Bee-eater      Merops bullockoides
Zambia, Luangwa National Park

White-throated Dipper

eating caddisfly larva

White-throated Dipper t08-13-218.jpg
White-throated Dipper      Cinclus cinclus
United Kingdom; England, Derbyshire

Wilson's Warbler

eating insect, cranefly

Wilson's Warbler m47-13-105.jpg
Wilson's Warbler      Cardellina pusilla
Costa Rica, Savegre Lodge, San Gerardo de Dota

Yellow-breasted Warbler

beating caterpillar

Yellow-breasted Warbler w02-48-355.jpg
Yellow-breasted Warbler      Seicercus montis
Malaysia, Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia, Sabah, Kinabalu Park, near HQ ca 1,600 m

Yellow-headed Caracara

removing insects from rear end of capybara

Yellow-headed Caracara c44-1-061.jpg
Yellow-headed Caracara      Milvago chimachima
Argentina, Ibera Wetlands, Estancia Rincon del Socorro

Yellow-headed Caracara

removing insects from rear end of capybara

Yellow-headed Caracara c44-1-062.jpg
Yellow-headed Caracara      Milvago chimachima
Argentina, Ibera Wetlands, Estancia Rincon del Socorro