Mammals, especially rodents, are the dominant prey item for many raptors.

Barn Owl

mouse in talons flying

Barn Owl f20-12-007.jpg
Barn Owl      Tyto alba
USA; California, Ventura Co.

Barn Owl

carrying mouse

Barn Owl n06-1-189.jpg
Barn Owl      Tyto alba
USA; Texas, Lake Corpus Christi, Nueces Co.

Barn Owl

adult feeding mouse to nestling

Barn Owl s72-12-005.jpg
Barn Owl      Tyto alba
USA; Oregon, Portland

Common Buzzard

eating rabbit

Common Buzzard y03-17-005.jpg
Common Buzzard      Buteo buteo
United Kingdom; England, Cheshire

Eastern Screech-Owl

adult and chicks with mouse, Peromyscus

Eastern Screech-Owl b53-4-189.jpg
Eastern Screech-Owl      Megascops asio

Northern Harrier

In flight carrying a mouse

Northern Harrier l07-51-012.jpg
Northern Harrier      Circus cyaneus
USA; Wyoming, Bitter Creek, Sweetwater Co.

Northern Hawk Owl

mouse in bill ready to deliver to fledgling

Northern Hawk Owl b53-6-003.jpg
Northern Hawk Owl      Surnia ulula
USA; Montana, Glacier National Park

Northern Hawk Owl

eating prey, rodent

Northern Hawk Owl s76-3-011.jpg
Northern Hawk Owl      Surnia ulula

Northern Saw-whet Owl

catching White-footed Mouse; Peromyscus

Northern Saw-whet Owl a23-1-039.jpg
Northern Saw-whet Owl      Aegolius acadicus

Northern Shrike

with mouse in bill; on snowy fence post

Northern Shrike b53-3-001.jpg
Northern Shrike      Lanius excubitor
USA; Washington, Okanogan County

Red-billed Hornbill

mouse in bill

Red-billed Hornbill s66-2-071.jpg
Red-billed Hornbill      Tockus erythrorhynchus
Botswana, Okavango Delta

Red-tailed Hawk

eating rabbit

Red-tailed Hawk c22-50-006.jpg
Red-tailed Hawk      Buteo jamaicensis
USA; Illinois, Chicago, Montrose Beach

Red-tailed Hawk

Pale Male with rat in talons

Red-tailed Hawk s79-1-020.jpg
Red-tailed Hawk      Buteo jamaicensis
USA; New York, Central Park NYC

Short-eared Owl

with vole in bill, rodent, mouse

Short-eared Owl b53-5-069.jpg
Short-eared Owl      Asio flammeus

Snowy Owl

taking off with rabbit prey in talons

Snowy Owl c22-43-013.jpg
Snowy Owl      Bubo scandiacus
USA; Illinois, Montrose Point

Snowy Owl

with rodent at nest with young, lemming

Snowy Owl e05-4-386.jpg
Snowy Owl      Bubo scandiacus
Russia, Kolyma, Siberia

Whistling Kite

on rabbit

Whistling Kite d21-5-014.jpg
Whistling Kite      Haliastur sphenurus
Australia; Victoria, Lake Linlithgow