The various families of finch-like birds with classic wedge-shaped bills feed largely on seeds, but many other types of birds indulge in this energy rich food.

American Goldfinch

non-breeding female eating composite seeds

American Goldfinch c22-41-002.jpg
American Goldfinch      Carduelis tristis
USA; Illinois, Chicago, Montrose Point

American Tree Sparrow

feeding on daisy fleabane seeds

American Tree Sparrow c22-32-028.jpg
American Tree Sparrow      Spizella arborea
USA; Illinois, Chicago

Black-capped Chickadee

kicking snow off of a Yarrow seed head before flying back to seize the seeds

Black-capped Chickadee b53-2-001.jpg
Black-capped Chickadee      Poecile atricapillus

Black-faced Waxbill

feeding on grass seed

Black-faced Waxbill t11-3-651.jpg
Black-faced Waxbill      Estrilda erythronotos
Republic of South Africa, east of Modimolle, Limpopo Prov.

Clark's Nutcracker

feeding in pine; seed in beak

Clark's Nutcracker n10-3-008.jpg
Clark's Nutcracker      Nucifraga columbiana
Canada; British Columbia, Penticton BC

Common Redpoll

eating birch seeds

Common Redpoll c22-45-004.jpg
Common Redpoll      Carduelis flammea
USA; Illinois, Glencoe, Chicago Botanic Gardens

Evening Grosbeak

eating Chinese elm seeds

Evening Grosbeak n10-8-020.jpg
Evening Grosbeak      Coccothraustes vespertinus
Canada; British Columbia, Summerland

Graylag Goose

eating Rumex seeds

Graylag Goose s60-12-004.jpg
Graylag Goose      Anser anser
United Kingdom; England, St. James's Park, London

Large Ground-Finch

with yellow cordia seed

Large Ground-Finch m17-74-092.jpg
Large Ground-Finch      Geospiza magnirostris
Galapagos, Darwin Bay Tower Island

Medium Ground-Finch

cracking seed

Medium Ground-Finch m17-70-271.jpg
Medium Ground-Finch      Geospiza fortis
Galapagos, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Is. (Indefatigable Is.)

Orange-breasted Bunting

feeding on grass seeds

Orange-breasted Bunting g25-9-001.jpg
Orange-breasted Bunting      Passerina leclancherii
Mexico; Oaxaca, Ixtepec Oaxaca

Plain-colored Seedeater

eating grass seed

Plain-colored Seedeater f26-4-045.jpg
Plain-colored Seedeater      Catamenia inornata
Colombia, Parque Nacional Los Nevados

Pygmy Nuthatch

feeding on sumac, Rhus

Pygmy Nuthatch s52-13-372.jpg
Pygmy Nuthatch      Sitta pygmaea
USA; New Mexico, Los Alamos Co.

Red-winged Blackbird

dandelion seeds in bill

Red-winged Blackbird c22-34-496.jpg
Red-winged Blackbird      Agelaius phoeniceus
USA; Illinois, Chicago, Cook Co.

Reed Bunting

feeding on frosted reed seedhead, Phragmites

Reed Bunting y03-12-100.jpg
Reed Bunting      Emberiza schoeniclus
United Kingdom, Essex

Snow Bunting

eating grass seed

Snow Bunting c22-45-027.jpg
Snow Bunting      Plectrophenax nivalis
USA; Illinois, Montrose Beach, Chicago

Swamp Sparrow

eating foxtail grass seed, Setaria

Swamp Sparrow c22-44-021.jpg
Swamp Sparrow      Melospiza georgiana
USA; Illinois, Montrose Beach, Chicago

White-crowned Sparrow

First winter birds, eating seeds

White-crowned Sparrow c22-42-105.jpg
White-crowned Sparrow      Zonotrichia leucophrys
USA; Illinois, Chicago, Montrose Point

White-winged Crossbill

holding hemlock cone in foot, extracting seed with bill, Tsuga

White-winged Crossbill m57-4-030.jpg
White-winged Crossbill      Loxia leucoptera
USA; Ohio, Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus

Yellow-faced Grassquit

feeding on grass seed

Yellow-faced Grassquit f26-1-104.jpg
Yellow-faced Grassquit      Tiaris olivaceus
Panama, Valle de Anton