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VIREO Resources for Birders


Geographic list of VIREO bird images

AfricaAfrica; unspecified72 online, 556 offline
AfricaAngola31 online, 32 offline
AfricaAscension Island21 online, 21 offline
AfricaBotswana160 online, 294 offline
AfricaCameroon240 online, 416 offline
AfricaCap0 online, 6 offline
AfricaEquatorial Guinea40 online, 40 offline
AfricaEthiopia36 online, 110 offline
AfricaGabon5 online, 5 offline
AfricaGambia115 online, 143 offline
AfricaKenya1764 online, 4234 offline
AfricaLesotho1 online, 1 offline
AfricaLiberia11 online, 35 offline
AfricaNamibia291 online, 431 offline
AfricaNigeria96 online, 260 offline
AfricaOcean; Africa7 online, 7 offline
AfricaRepublic of South Africa1530 online, 1783 offline
AfricaRwanda1 online, 9 offline
AfricaSenegal6 online, 107 offline
AfricaSocotra Is.49 online, 81 offline
AfricaSwaziland5 online, 6 offline
AfricaTanzania540 online, 770 offline
AfricaTransvaal0 online, 3 offline
AfricaUganda35 online, 105 offline
AfricaZambia12 online, 38 offline
AfricaZimbabwe133 online, 296 offline
AntarcticaAntarctic region, unspecified29 online, 61 offline
AntarcticaAntarctica, continental426 online, 940 offline
AntarcticaAntipodes Island50 online, 65 offline
AntarcticaAuckland Island185 online, 197 offline
AntarcticaBounty Island39 online, 40 offline
AntarcticaCambell Island41 online, 43 offline
AntarcticaChatham Island97 online, 105 offline
AntarcticaGough Island142 online, 142 offline
AntarcticaHeard Island2 online, 2 offline
AntarcticaMacquarie Island120 online, 175 offline
AntarcticaMarion Island28 online, 35 offline
AntarcticaOcean; Antarctica83 online, 137 offline
AntarcticaPitt Island1 online, 1 offline
AntarcticaSnares Island90 online, 160 offline
AntarcticaSouth Georgia Island318 online, 519 offline
AntarcticaSouth Orkney Island45 online, 48 offline
AntarcticaSouth Sandwich Island1 online, 1 offline
AntarcticaSouth Shetland Island74 online, 90 offline
AntarcticaTristan da Cunha74 online, 74 offline
AustralasiaAmerican Samoa2 online, 3 offline
AustralasiaAustralasia, unspecified54 online, 1255 offline
AustralasiaAustralasia; Ocean19 online, 70 offline
AustralasiaAustralia218 online, 316 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; Victoria140 online, 212 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; Western Australia89 online, 325 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; New South Wales68 online, 350 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; Northern Territories90 online, 225 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; Queensland346 online, 596 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; South Australia38 online, 108 offline
AustralasiaAustralia; Tasmania17 online, 69 offline
AustralasiaBismark Archipelago, New Britain Is2 online, 2 offline
AustralasiaCaledonia5 online, 6 offline
AustralasiaCook Islands1 online, 3 offline
AustralasiaFiji114 online, 125 offline
AustralasiaFrench Polynesia4 online, 18 offline
AustralasiaGuam1 online, 5 offline
AustralasiaHawaii536 online, 1183 offline
AustralasiaIrian New Guinea3 online, 15 offline
AustralasiaJarvis Island (US)2 online, 5 offline
AustralasiaJohnston Atoll2 online, 4 offline
AustralasiaKiribati, Line Islands22 online, 95 offline
AustralasiaLord Howe Island160 online, 162 offline
AustralasiaMicronesia8 online, 44 offline
AustralasiaNew Guinea90 online, 515 offline
AustralasiaNew Guinea; East Island18 online, 26 offline
AustralasiaNew Zealand202 online, 444 offline
AustralasiaNew Zealand; Near Shore Islands29 online, 31 offline
AustralasiaNew Zealand; North Island279 online, 613 offline
AustralasiaNew Zealand; South Island174 online, 465 offline
AustralasiaPapua New Guinea561 online, 1784 offline
AustralasiaPapua New Guinea, Bismark Archipelago6 online, 31 offline
AustralasiaSamoa (Savai'i & Upolu)4 online, 4 offline
AustralasiaSolomons1 online, 9 offline
AustralasiaVanuatu9 online, 12 offline
AustralasiaWake Island2 online, 2 offline
Central AmericaAntigua20 online, 20 offline
Central AmericaBahamas7 online, 78 offline
Central AmericaBarbados36 online, 60 offline
Central AmericaBelize225 online, 596 offline
Central AmericaBermuda16 online, 128 offline
Central AmericaBritish Virgin Islands3 online, 4 offline
Central AmericaCayman Is.39 online, 69 offline
Central AmericaCentral America/Caribbean; unspecified12 online, 72 offline
Central AmericaClipperton Atoll24 online, 65 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Alajuela18 online, 39 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Cartago56 online, 87 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Guanacaste52 online, 109 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Heredia204 online, 462 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Limon25 online, 27 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, Puntarenas233 online, 611 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, San Jose142 online, 163 offline
Central AmericaCosta Rica, unspecified521 online, 713 offline
Central AmericaCuba198 online, 439 offline
Central AmericaDominica56 online, 163 offline
Central AmericaDominican Republic108 online, 311 offline
Central AmericaEl Salvador5 online, 67 offline
Central AmericaGrenada1 online, 3 offline
Central AmericaGuadeloupe0 online, 69 offline
Central AmericaGuatemala90 online, 206 offline
Central AmericaHaiti0 online, 3 offline
Central AmericaHonduras31 online, 40 offline
Central AmericaJamaica82 online, 203 offline
Central AmericaMartinique27 online, 79 offline
Central AmericaMexico386 online, 473 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Baja61 online, 72 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Baja Norte6 online, 7 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Baja Sur62 online, 66 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Campeche23 online, 42 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Chiapas26 online, 128 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Chihuahua12 online, 19 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Coahuila14 online, 26 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Colima50 online, 105 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Durango0 online, 2 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Federal District, Mexico City15 online, 15 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Guerrero2 online, 4 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Hidalgo5 online, 6 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Jalisco69 online, 89 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Michoacan1 online, 4 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Morelos3 online, 8 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Nayarit89 online, 138 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Nuevo Leon9 online, 29 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Oaxaca262 online, 383 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Quintana Roo62 online, 130 offline
Central AmericaMexico; San Louis Potosi7 online, 7 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Sinaloa59 online, 103 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Sonora78 online, 120 offline
Central AmericaMexico; State of Mexico11 online, 12 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Tabasco13 online, 38 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Tamaulipas189 online, 230 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Veracruz109 online, 142 offline
Central AmericaMexico; Yucatan89 online, 173 offline
Central AmericaNetherland Antilles8 online, 27 offline
Central AmericaOcean; Central America0 online, 8 offline
Central AmericaPanama974 online, 1800 offline
Central AmericaPuerto Rico154 online, 212 offline
Central AmericaSaba Is.17 online, 19 offline
Central AmericaSt. Lucia62 online, 171 offline
Central AmericaSt. Martin/St. Maarten0 online, 14 offline
Central AmericaSt. Vincent4 online, 14 offline
Central AmericaUS Virgin Islands41 online, 70 offline
EurasiaAfghanistan1 online, 3 offline
EurasiaArmenia0 online, 1 offline
EurasiaAustria8 online, 10 offline
EurasiaAzores1 online, 5 offline
EurasiaBahrain7 online, 7 offline
EurasiaBulgaria33 online, 33 offline
EurasiaCanary Islands57 online, 62 offline
EurasiaChina, Sichuan106 online, 106 offline
EurasiaChina, unspecified316 online, 378 offline
EurasiaChina, Yunnan23 online, 23 offline
EurasiaCyprus4 online, 8 offline
EurasiaDenmark100 online, 117 offline
EurasiaEgypt2 online, 10 offline
EurasiaEstonia13 online, 13 offline
EurasiaEurasia; unspecified27 online, 175 offline
EurasiaFinland511 online, 558 offline
EurasiaFrance141 online, 217 offline
EurasiaFrance; Brittany0 online, 2 offline
EurasiaFrance; Drome2 online, 5 offline
EurasiaGermany18 online, 26 offline
EurasiaGreece44 online, 44 offline
EurasiaGreenland12 online, 25 offline
EurasiaHong Kong560 online, 626 offline
EurasiaHungary99 online, 100 offline
EurasiaIceland355 online, 540 offline
EurasiaIran0 online, 34 offline
EurasiaIreland7 online, 7 offline
EurasiaIsrael52 online, 157 offline
EurasiaItaly37 online, 38 offline
EurasiaJapan246 online, 566 offline
EurasiaKazakhstan32 online, 73 offline
EurasiaKuwait2 online, 3 offline
EurasiaKyrgyzstan29 online, 30 offline
EurasiaLatvia6 online, 6 offline
EurasiaLithuania3 online, 28 offline
EurasiaLuxembourg0 online, 1 offline
EurasiaMadeira3 online, 26 offline
EurasiaMauritania0 online, 8 offline
EurasiaMongolia17 online, 99 offline
EurasiaMorocco288 online, 370 offline
EurasiaNetherlands216 online, 317 offline
EurasiaNorway340 online, 358 offline
EurasiaOcean; Eurasia1 online, 3 offline
EurasiaOman1154 online, 1182 offline
EurasiaPoland62 online, 147 offline
EurasiaPortugal63 online, 111 offline
EurasiaRussia432 online, 556 offline
EurasiaSaudi Arabia0 online, 12 offline
EurasiaSiberia3 online, 3 offline
EurasiaSlovakia19 online, 19 offline
EurasiaSouth Korea41 online, 52 offline
EurasiaSpain647 online, 684 offline
EurasiaSweden33 online, 702 offline
EurasiaSwitzerland72 online, 99 offline
EurasiaTibet3 online, 6 offline
EurasiaTurkey69 online, 106 offline
EurasiaUnited Arab Emirate118 online, 117 offline
EurasiaUnited Kingdom394 online, 459 offline
EurasiaUnited Kingdom; British Isles1 online, 3 offline
EurasiaUnited Kingdom; England1176 online, 1741 offline
EurasiaUnited Kingdom; Scotland210 online, 317 offline
EurasiaUnited Kingdom; Wales44 online, 72 offline
EurasiaWal0 online, 2 offline
EurasiaYemen84 online, 84 offline
MalagasyAldabra79 online, 133 offline
MalagasyComoro Is.0 online, 5 offline
MalagasyIndian Ocean Islands; unspecified5 online, 6 offline
MalagasyMadagascar79 online, 180 offline
MalagasyMauritus23 online, 45 offline
MalagasyReunion Island0 online, 1 offline
MalagasyRodriguez Is.2 online, 10 offline
MalagasySeychelles25 online, 70 offline
North AmericaCanada28 online, 34 offline
North AmericaCanada: Yukon Territory214 online, 215 offline
North AmericaCanada; Alberta317 online, 462 offline
North AmericaCanada; British Columbia2340 online, 2414 offline
North AmericaCanada; Manitoba720 online, 984 offline
North AmericaCanada; New Brunswick18 online, 36 offline
North AmericaCanada; Newfoundland156 online, 221 offline
North AmericaCanada; Northwest Territories42 online, 124 offline
North AmericaCanada; Nova Scotia28 online, 37 offline
North AmericaCanada; Nunavut80 online, 98 offline
North AmericaCanada; Ontario852 online, 1037 offline
North AmericaCanada; Prince Edwards Island11 online, 11 offline
North AmericaCanada; Quebec344 online, 359 offline
North AmericaCanada; Saskatchewan51 online, 59 offline
North AmericaNorth America; unspecified109 online, 3972 offline
North AmericaOcean; North America13 online, 34 offline
North AmericaUSA790 online, 4966 offline
North AmericaUSA, Texas2 online, 2 offline
North AmericaUSA; Alabama19 online, 32 offline
North AmericaUSA; Alaska2305 online, 3699 offline
North AmericaUSA; Arizona3314 online, 4778 offline
North AmericaUSA; Arkansas2 online, 3 offline
North AmericaUSA; California4428 online, 7567 offline
North AmericaUSA; Colorado740 online, 1112 offline
North AmericaUSA; Connecticut78 online, 229 offline
North AmericaUSA; Delaware74 online, 281 offline
North AmericaUSA; Florida4092 online, 7097 offline
North AmericaUSA; Georgia14 online, 46 offline
North AmericaUSA; Idaho56 online, 94 offline
North AmericaUSA; Illinois2084 online, 2351 offline
North AmericaUSA; Indiana13 online, 54 offline
North AmericaUSA; Iowa24 online, 34 offline
North AmericaUSA; Kansas53 online, 75 offline
North AmericaUSA; Kentucky63 online, 64 offline
North AmericaUSA; Louisiana227 online, 298 offline
North AmericaUSA; Maine630 online, 881 offline
North AmericaUSA; Maryland47 online, 436 offline
North AmericaUSA; Massachusetts125 online, 383 offline
North AmericaUSA; Michigan150 online, 417 offline
North AmericaUSA; Minnesota808 online, 874 offline
North AmericaUSA; Mississippi1 online, 8 offline
North AmericaUSA; Missouri32 online, 92 offline
North AmericaUSA; Montana277 online, 549 offline
North AmericaUSA; Nebraska34 online, 44 offline
North AmericaUSA; Nevada65 online, 76 offline
North AmericaUSA; New Hampshire404 online, 504 offline
North AmericaUSA; New Jersey3371 online, 4498 offline
North AmericaUSA; New Mexico1517 online, 2648 offline
North AmericaUSA; New York2558 online, 5792 offline
North AmericaUSA; North Carolina356 online, 429 offline
North AmericaUSA; North Dakota67 online, 109 offline
North AmericaUSA; Ohio250 online, 282 offline
North AmericaUSA; Oklahoma141 online, 166 offline
North AmericaUSA; Oregon480 online, 603 offline
North AmericaUSA; Pennsylvania460 online, 910 offline
North AmericaUSA; Rhode Is.2 online, 193 offline
North AmericaUSA; South Carolina53 online, 114 offline
North AmericaUSA; South Dakota56 online, 63 offline
North AmericaUSA; Tennesee2 online, 8 offline
North AmericaUSA; Texas4446 online, 6741 offline
North AmericaUSA; Utah250 online, 502 offline
North AmericaUSA; Vermont32 online, 63 offline
North AmericaUSA; Virginia196 online, 353 offline
North AmericaUSA; Washington230 online, 367 offline
North AmericaUSA; Washington DC30 online, 120 offline
North AmericaUSA; West Virginia4 online, 20 offline
North AmericaUSA; Wisconsin230 online, 608 offline
North AmericaUSA; Wyoming117 online, 206 offline
OrientAndaman Island20 online, 37 offline
OrientBali11 online, 17 offline
OrientBhutan37 online, 37 offline
OrientBorneo281 online, 495 offline
OrientChristmas Island0 online, 2 offline
OrientIndia1059 online, 1830 offline
OrientIndonesia144 online, 309 offline
OrientIndonesia, Borneo, Kalimantan150 online, 158 offline
OrientJava1 online, 27 offline
OrientMalaysia170 online, 265 offline
OrientMalaysia, Borneo, Sabah379 online, 439 offline
OrientMalaysia, Borneo, Sarawak455 online, 465 offline
OrientMyanmar54 online, 240 offline
OrientNepal8 online, 37 offline
OrientOcean; Orient22 online, 66 offline
OrientOrient; unspecified7 online, 7 offline
OrientPakistan0 online, 2 offline
OrientPhilippines515 online, 921 offline
OrientSingapore146 online, 334 offline
OrientSri Lanka83 online, 137 offline
OrientSulawesi5 online, 6 offline
OrientSumatra10 online, 11 offline
OrientTaiwan34 online, 34 offline
OrientThailand90 online, 137 offline
OrientVietnam9 online, 9 offline
South AmericaArgentina780 online, 1936 offline
South AmericaAruba, Bonaire, Curacao158 online, 298 offline
South AmericaBolivia198 online, 714 offline
South AmericaBrazil1166 online, 5143 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Amazonas0 online, 6 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Espirito Santo46 online, 48 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Goias0 online, 4 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Mato Groso112 online, 121 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Mato Groso do Sul102 online, 131 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Minas Gerais142 online, 432 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Parana11 online, 13 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Rio de Janiero55 online, 67 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Rio Grande do Sul100 online, 354 offline
South AmericaBrazil; Sao Paulo112 online, 133 offline
South AmericaCayenne15 online, 108 offline
South AmericaChile244 online, 471 offline
South AmericaColombia1373 online, 4882 offline
South AmericaEcuador2080 online, 2380 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Azuay9 online, 29 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Bolivar0 online, 1 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Carchi46 online, 306 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Chimborazo3 online, 4 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Cotopaxi4 online, 5 offline
South AmericaEcuador; El Oro135 online, 347 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Esmeraldas328 online, 836 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Guayas35 online, 157 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Imbabura12 online, 107 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Loja105 online, 203 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Los Rios1 online, 1 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Morona-Santiago214 online, 837 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Napo192 online, 357 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Pastaza10 online, 69 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Pichincha340 online, 1226 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Sucumbios78 online, 167 offline
South AmericaEcuador; Zamora-Chinchipe327 online, 399 offline
South AmericaFalkland Is.536 online, 1912 offline
South AmericaGalapagos1216 online, 1952 offline
South AmericaGuyana270 online, 522 offline
South AmericaOcean; South America5 online, 10 offline
South AmericaParaguay192 online, 549 offline
South AmericaPeru816 online, 3604 offline
South AmericaSouth America; unspecified19 online, 819 offline
South AmericaSuriname119 online, 469 offline
South AmericaTrinidad & Tobago269 online, 637 offline
South AmericaVenezuela512 online, 1181 offline